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We need creative author’s like you!

Who Should join:

Authors who like to convey positive messages to our next generation. Messages of hope, messages that will influence kids to be a better person, and messages that will encourage them to explore their surroundings.

Article Creation Process:

You can submit an article even with draft sketches of your desired drawings or pictures put together from the internet. We will mainly focus on your story, creativity and core messages. Your article will go through a review process. If your article gets accepted, based on reviewers’ feedback, we will initiate the copyright process to protect your writing.

Figure: Article Creation Process

An artist and an advisor will be assigned for your book. They will work with you to make your book a complete one. You will obviously be a part of the team during that process.

Once complete, we will submit another copyright application considering both writing and the illustration. A soft copy of the book will be available in the portal for view for a limited time when appropriate. We will consider publishing that book based on feasibility. 


If your article gets accepted, based on reviewers’ feedback, you will receive signing money (even though we know you care for greater good).

You will keep getting royalty of the published books that you authored. What a great way to invest your time!

Please email to if you need any help.

We need experienced and knowledgeable people like you to review our work!

Review Process:

Reviewers are the “gatekeeper” of the books that we consider for the portal. They also highlight aspects to improve the quality of a book. 

Figure: Article Creation Process

Very few highly qualified people will be selected for this role. If you consider yourself as one of them, we will be happy to have you as a part of our team.


You will receive royalties from the sales of a book that you reviewed.

Please sign in and send email to to join our team as a reviewer. Please attach a resume with your email.

We need talented artists like you who are outstanding at arts, especially at character drawing in a consistent manner, and enjoy working in a team. 

Role of an Artist:

Authors generally will submit an article in our portal with draft sketches of their desired drawings or pictures. You will give those concepts the final form. To be able to do so, you will participate in a bid to specify your expected remuneration of the task. Selected artist(s), may not be always the lowest bidder, will be assigned against an article. If you are selected, then you and an advisor will team up with the writer to finalize the book.

Figure: Article Creation Process


You will receive your remuneration after completing your task up to a satisfactory level. You will also receive royalties from the sales of a book where your artwork is used.

Please sign in and send an email to to join our team as a reviewer. Please attach a portfolio or provide a link to that in your email.